Q: Why Gy-Nguang brand?

A: Well, if you have already lived in Thailand, it means you have already trusted to be here, so, you should try to trust some of Thai product such as Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce. Please start tasting it before you may say;
Why? You find this Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce so late!


Q: Is Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce from the original Worcester sauce’s recipe?

A: Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce is the original Worcester sauce which was first made by Thai founder who had her own unique recipe.


Q: How come for Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce’s recipe?

A: The Thai founder- M.L.Ngeab Dinakara learned how to make it from the foreign chef at Bang Khunprom Palace.


Q: Does Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce copy the recipe from other imported Worcestershire Sauces?

A: No, Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce has its unique ingredient.


Q: How is the difference of ingredients between Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce & another famous imported Worcestershire Sauce?Gy-Nguang Sauce

A: Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce doesn’t be made of any Anchovy fish in its ingredient.


Q: Are there two formulas for Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce?

A: Yes, there are two formulas, formula 1 is White Label as Original Thai taste and formula 2 is Red Label as Spicier for tastier flavor.


Q: How many sizes of each Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce’s formula?

A: There are three sizes of each formula in glassy bottles, Large size (600 cc), Medium size (300 cc) and Small size (200 cc) and two sizes of each formula in plastic gallons, 5 Liters and 20 Liters.


Q: What is the kind of food as Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce would be good to use for?

A: Normally, Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce would be good to use for Grill (Barbeque) foods or steak dishes. Otherwise, it would also be good for fermenting all of meat before being cooked in order to make them having tastier in flavoring of spices.


Q: Can we use Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce for making other sauces?

A: Of course, Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce can be used for making Barbeque Sauce or French Dressing Sauce or etc.


Q: Can we use Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce for Salad dressing?

A: Yes, it is good and easy to use Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce for Salad dressing. And also , it can be used for the dressing of Ceasar salad as well.


Q: How about the date of expiration on each bottle of Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce?

A: In generally, the date of expiration will be shown for only one year after the date of manufacturing. However, Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce can actually be kept for using till you finish its bottle.


Q: Why the price of Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce is lower than other worcester sauce brands in Thailand's market?

A: It is because Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce is not an imported product. It is manufactured in Thailand.


Q: Has Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce ever been exported to other countries?

A: Tinakorn Worcester Sauce Co.,Ltd. has never exported Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce to other countries (overseas) by itself.


Q: Where can we buy Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce in Thailand?

A: You can buy it at the famous supermarkets all around Thailand such as Tops Market Place, Tesco Lotus, Big C or Makro.


Q: Why don’t some people (especially foreigners who live in Thailand) dare not to buy Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce for their cooking at homes or restaurants when they first find it in the supermarket?

A: It is because most of foreigners always think that the best quality and taste of Worcestershaire Sauce’s real taste should be only the brand as be imported from the big country only and they are not sure for Thai product quality before they try to buy it for their first tasting. That means they are missing the good product from Thailand, and also, they don’t know they are missing for their cost saving a lot. Thai product as Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce as cheap in cost and good for


Q: How is about Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce be using in the restaurants around Thailand?

There are some restaurants, putting Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce on all of their tables in theirs, but some restaurants don’t do that because of Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce’s packaging doesn’t be enough suitability for theirs. However, it doesn’t matter if they would like to use it just only in their kitchen for being the secret to make the yummy food for their guests as many restaurants have already used it in their kitchen.