About GY-NGUANG Worcester Sauce

Tinakorn Worcester Sauce Co.,Ltd. has been manufactured and distributed "Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce" in Thailand since 1917, by M.L. Ngeab Dinakara , who had her own unique ingredient under "Gy-Nguang" brand, until now, it 's nearly a century for Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce has already been in the Thailand's market.


The brand of Worcester Sauce "Gy-Nguang", had been known for the Thailand's market for many years ago by M.L. Ngeab Dinakara who was the Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce's formula originator. From the beginning, M.L. Ngeab had worked in Royal kitchen of Bang Khunpronm Palace as belonging to Somdej Chao Fah Boripathsukhumpan, Krom Phranakorn Swanworapinit.

M.L. Ngeab had interested in cooking particularly of foreign cuisine and had seen the process of making Worcester Sauce by foreign chef there. And also, she had learnt many kinds of food seasonings from various foreign cuisine-cooking books and had tried to make Worcester Sauce on her own unique ingredient for her family and relatives. It was appeared to be a favorite (Worcester) Sauce among her relatives. Then, she made decision to start trading in Thai's Market by using "Gy-Nguang" brand since 1917.

Afterward, she gave a copyright of production and distribution to M.L. Chalome and M.L Chavee Dinakara, both of her sisters who had manufactured and distributed "Gy-Nguang Worcester Sauce" in a form of the company named "Tinakorn Worcester Sauce Co.,Ltd. By the year of 1983, the copyright was belonged to Mr.Phanom Dinakara , Mr. Somsak Dinakara and Ms. Ranee Dinakra. Nowadays (year 2012), Tinakorn Worcester Sauce Co.,Ltd.'s copyright is belonging to Ms. Ranee Dinakara and Ms. Wichulada Dinakara Taylor.